Friday, December 28, 2012

Purple Marble Roller

Handmade and hand painted. One of a kind. Signed, dated and numbered. #42

Dimensions: 11 inches long, 6-1/2 inches wide, and 12 inches tall.

Marbles roll fast down the five tracks and end up in the bottom tray. The tray is hand painted with big marbles and swirls. A bright red whirli wheel with purple polka dots is fastened to the side and will turn. A big blue cats eye marble is built-in on the one end. 

A bright colorful wooden toy that kids will play for hours. Lots of fun!

Bag of marbles included.

Humpty Dumpty Whirligig Weathervane

Humpty Dumpty ~ This is a conversation piece, porch and patio whirligig weather vane.

Handmade and hand painted. One of a kind.

Humpty Dumpty teeters perilously from side to side on top of the brick wall and holds on to his hat. 

When the wind catches him, he moves sideways, as he goes with the flow and lines up any which way the wind blows like a weather vane.

Children will love watching him. Perfect for a porch or patio or maybe in a child's room or nursery. 

Dimensions: 17" long, 20-1/2" tall, 13" wide (fan)

signed and numbered #7