Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Old Fashioned Marble Roller with Bright Blue Whirli-Wheel

This "early standard" reproduction marble coaster was often the home made entertainment upgrade for the marble games found in a toy box.   (Take a look at the depictions of other types of toys of the day as seen on the base). 
This one is large enough for the kids to gather around on both sides and let it shake rattle and 

The "Old Fashioned" marble roller has the marbles drop from rail to rail and roll out to the next drop point until at the bottom, and coming off the last one, the marbles go for one last ride over the hump.   It's on wheels.   It has a windmill.   On any day it can be rolled out and ready to start rolling marbles and if the wind is up just take it outside and everything just goes like the wind.   Fair warning parents. Be careful that you don't loose your marbles as the kids can't seem to leave these be.
Not found in stores. Not seen on TV. No two alike and quantities are limited.
Size 29" L x 18" H x 9" W
Signed, dated, and numbered. #33

These keepsake toys were often passed down to the grandchildren among the families of Lancaster County and became heirlooms.


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